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Letter: Look for expertise in filling board seat

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In the Gazette-Journal’s article last week on the Mathews supervisors (“Mathews board in turmoil; Love resigns”), Pepper Love is quoted as saying “that the board had become dysfunctional.” I attended Tuesday’s meeting of the board and was embarrassed by what I saw.

The chairman does not seem to understand how to conduct a meeting under Roberts Rules or to follow guidance of the bylaws. Making up rules off hand seems to be the base cause of the debacle with the county attorney being terminated.

Nothing got accomplished during the almost two-hour long meeting. In a proposal to schedule a meeting to review and update the bylaws, the chairman wants to delay that discussion and “work on other matters.” One proposal was made to just concentrate on the upcoming budget. The bylaws guide the actions by the board; if they need to be changed, then this should be done before anything else! To do otherwise is to invite more...

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