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Letter: Logo doesn’t represent county as a whole

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We who live in Mathews are part of a small but diverse county with fishermen and artists, businessmen and women, historians, teachers, housewives, boaters, gardeners, ministers, and volunteers for everything from the rescue squad to Hands Across Mathews. Our friends and neighbors cut our hair, patrol our roads, fill our prescriptions, fight our fires, and fix our cars. We have our own lighthouse but no traffic light, a national award winning library, and an outstanding farmers’ market. We celebrate our community each year at Market Days.

Everyone who lives here appreciates the waters surrounding us which make Mathews a unique community on the bay, but not everyone who lives here is a mariner.

Our new logo does not appear to represent the county as a whole. The design forms an “X” which is a negative space. The command, 

BE HERE, is puzzling to those who are not familiar with nautical flags, or who are strangers to the community and ou...

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