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Letter: Local government is a cause of concern

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Recent actions by the Gloucester Board of Supervisors regarding public education in the county are a cause of concern on a number of levels.

In the recent budget hearing, more than 100 citizens attended with many requesting that the board of supervisors increase its financial support for public education in an effort to maintain high quality schools. Most advocated fully funding the school board’s budget request. Most recognized the effects of underfunding public education in Gloucester: A reduced school calendar; neglect of capital improvement needs; deteriorating and outdated textbooks; an exodus of highly-qualified teachers and staff who can no longer afford to support families on annual salaries $10,000 below the national average. One teacher, who happens to hold a master’s degree, reported that his family is eligible for WIC benefits.

Conversely, fewer than a half dozen citizens spoke advocating no increase in school funding. That’s ri...

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