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Letter: Listening to the noise of the Crazy Makers

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Just a few comments on current issues that are pounded into our heads by the television, newspapers, churches, radio, theaters and the whole range of charity/non-profit organizations.

We are continually told that we should be thrifty and spend as little money as possible.

We are told that we should give regularly and generously to churches, charity/non-profits and the needy.

We are told that we should primarily support our "home town" merchants and that the large discount chains are a threat to local economies.

We are told that we must have "rock-hard abs," join a gym or exercise class, or become a symbol of anorexia to be acceptable in today’s society.

These things are promoted by what are called the Crazy Makers—and Lord knows there are plenty of them around.

Simple logic explains that it is cheaper to shop at the discount chains than to buy at the local merchants; that we cannot both give regularly and generous...

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