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Letter: Limiting guns is only a Band-Aid

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Regarding the current normality of mass shootings, I’m old enough to remember that it really is abnormal; pretty much constrained to the post-2000 world. Even during the Prohibition era, gang shootings were limited to shootings of competing gang members.

When I was a boy, mass shootings of ordinary people were unheard of, and mass shootings of children beyond imagination. It seems that something happened around the year 2000 that excited the idea of mass killing. And, while gun control would certainly reduce the number of shootings, the recent growth in the number of cases where cars/trucks are driven into crowds, and bombs placed at parades, indicates that guns are only a means to an end.

Yet the framers lived in a time when hunting was more a necessity than a sport, and when using a firearm meant loading the bullet, adding the powder, setting the primer, and only then firing a (single) shot. Likely not in their wildest imagination did they 


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