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Letter: Limiting Caesar

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When we hear religious leaders praising the supposed virtues of socialism, income redistribution and welfare, we might conclude that the demarcation between what is Caesar’s and what is God’s has been broached or simply moved to permit Caesar, the state, to usurp portion of God’s realm.

We hear much today that presupposes the separation of church and state, but virtually nothing of the separation of state from church. It is obvious that the state is making clear intrusions into the realm of the church. It must be emphasized that the founders envisioned a government that primarily focused on the realm of law as it pertains to justice, that it is the authority of government to establish civil law and punish those who would break that law. When government strays outside of that boundary to force righteousness, it oversteps its boundaries.

When government attempts to “do good” by providing welfare, education, health care, nutrition ...

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