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Letter: Life and liberty

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As a youngster attending Mathews High School and receiving a sound education in both our country’s history and the basis for our constitutional republic, I loved and admired both our country and our government.

That is until one day while reading, I believe, a Sports Afield magazine that published an article that upset my idealistic view of government. The author unabashedly described the founders’ intent on creating the Second Amendment caused me to question my passion for our government.

I became, for a brief period, conflicted by what I was then reading. The Second Amendment was crafted to establish and to guarantee the right of the people to bear arms, not for what I then believed, as a means of self-defense or hunting, although it is that. However, the framers, according to this author and, as I subsequently realized and learned, sought to provide the people with a means to resist, to alter or abolish a government that had become a tyranny a...

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