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Letter: License assault weapons

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Is there nothing happening to protect us from gun violence? We are a democracy where the majority rules, right? So now when 66 percent of the American people want stricter gun control protection, why is it not happening? 

Could it be money that pays for twisting political promotion from a few who influence our political representatives and leadership to do nothing? Think about it.

Maybe it is the use of catch phrases like “guns do not kill people, people do” that delays belief that action should occur. It is has been said that if you lay an AR-15 on a table, it will not kill anyone. It has to be picked up by a person for that to happen. That is true. But then consider, if you lay an 18th century musket as considered by Constitutional framers on the same table, it takes a person to use that also. The difference is an unrifled musket, according to Google, may be reloaded in 20 to 30 seconds. Thus, after the first shot and people dive and scatt...

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