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Letter: Let’s work on working together

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Congratulations to our new board members, Messrs. Jones and Walls. It is indeed a privilege to welcome them and say to you all: “Thank you for your interest and concern for us by accepting this monumental responsibility.” In spite of some unfortunate misguided decisions made by a previous, irrefutably divided board of supervisors, we are fortunate and thankful for those still eager and willing to serve.

As fellow citizens of our beloved America, we must remain vigilant and acutely aware of her current state of duress, distress and the dire circumstances intentionally created to threaten her well-being and very existence. This means all of us.

I am a 35-year resident of Mathews County, Virginia, the proud mother state of eight presidents, some of whom had the uncanny foresight and impeccable knowledge to finely craft the documents empowering and guiding us with honor, duty and responsibility for our lives. I am eternally grateful and forever humbled to...

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