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Letter: Let’s see his tax returns

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Contrary to Kellyanne Conway’s alternative fact that only the news media wants to see President Trump’s tax returns, I disagree. I would like to see them. Every citizen should want to see them. With all the speculation about what he paid in taxes or what he didn’t pay, who he owes, what countries he has obligations to, which could make it hard for him to be objective on some foreign affairs issues. So, if President Trump would just show his taxes, he’d put all this speculation to rest. Doesn’t everyone agree on this? Then we can move on from there.

As for President Trump’s admiration for Putin and some of his campaign staff and now his administration staff having had financial or other dealings with Russia is alarming for me. Also alarming is when President Trump called himself the “law and order president.” When was the last time we heard a president say that? How about Richard Nixon? We all know how that presi...

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