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Letter: Let’s revisit cell phone use in courthouse

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Remember back in second grade when the teacher said, “If Tommy talks again there will be no recess for all.” Sure enough Tommy talked. I’ve never understood why “everyone” gets punished for something someone else did.

I was told that the reason no phones are permitted in the courthouse is the “worry” that someone in the courtroom sending “testimony” to someone outside the courtroom waiting to testify.   But since court is seldom in session and most cases do not rise to this level like traffic, divorce, child support, DUI—there are very few at-risk times. Besides, isn’t the court officer’s job to keep control of violations of the rules? I personally see no reason to ban cell phones for “everyone all the time” and I have never understood why the judge just doesn’t fine or punish the offenders when their phone is in use or unexpectedly rings. Most of the time the ...

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