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Letter: Let’s make her good again

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day—two special days that have always been on our calendars for many years. On these days, children have always let their parents know they were loved: by cards, telephone calls or visits. But for reasons I don’t understand, too many parents today are simply forgotten or ignored.

At first, I thought this was uncommon, but it appears I was wrong. After reading articles written about American families today, it seems that too often families no longer come first, and children and grandchildren don’t put any importance to the people that brought them into this world. For years, it has been clear that in many ways our nation has been in decline, beginning with the loss of interest in God and too much interest in the “me” factor.

We were once that great nation where faith in God and Jesus was our source of strength, and values from Him were leading our families in the right direction. Why has it c...

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