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Letter: Let’s get out of the U.N.

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Oct. 24 is the birthday of the United Nations. Alger Hiss, an American communist spy, was instrumental in the formation of the U.N. and was its first secretary-general. Communists have controlled the U.N. ever since in order to establish a one-world government.

Following World War II, America was war weary and joined the U.N. expecting it be the means of promoting peace. We have had wars continually ever since.

In the Korean War our troops fought in the U.N. army. Our military plans were sent to the U.N., then to North Korea, so our enemy knew all our military secrets. In the Vietnam War we fought under a U.N. agency, SEATO. We lost both wars. In Iraq, we had a U.N. resolution for both invasions. Our Constitution gives only Congress the authority to declare war.

The U.N. has convened more than 100 American police chiefs (UN COPS) with the intention of having none other than a world police force.

The U.N.’s plans for America is to control abortio...

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