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Letter: Let’s find common ground

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Last Wednesday, the Mathews County Board of Supervisors met to carve out a piece of our property so it can be deeded away.

Our elected officials met to change zoning ordinances. Did they go through the proper procedures to do any of this? Can I, as a citizen, simply ask my friend on the zoning board to make a change to my property without going through proper procedure?

In 2020, a referendum was put on the ballot asking if we, the citizens of Mathews, want the monument remembering those from Mathews who perished due to the Civil War to remain on our Courthouse. Whatever their reasons, they did die during that horrible war. It shouldn’t be forgotten that approximately 620,000, overall, died because of that terrible war. Its history and remembering Mathews’ own citizens can possibly be used as a teaching tool for future generations. In my opinion, that is why so many of us voted to keep the statue on our historic Courthouse Green.

We, the majority of...

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