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Letter: Let them win in the free market

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’m assuming it wasn’t your intention to endorse Joe Heller’s political cartoon (Page 6A, Sept. 1 Gazette-Journal). Whatever—Joe’s work was to give modern supporters of electric powered vehicles, EVs, a fig leaf of support in the current pushback by gas/diesel drivers. Well done.

Except Henry Ford, et al, built their machines to use the extant road technology of the day. Virtually every community in the civilized world had refined oil products in supply for the ubiquitous kerosene lanterns and the news, brighter gasoline models. Rural electrification would follow.

Meanwhile, gasoline and diesel machines were serviced and repaired by local blacksmiths and wagon mechanics and even their owners or drivers. Joe’s cartoon claims it had limited range. Amazing. Ships and planes were crossing imposing bodies of water, by use of carrying large tanks, even auxiliary tanks. Trucks and cars easily, as they do today, supported themselves for longer distances from ...

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