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Letter: Let him know

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In a prior letter to the editor, I took to task Gloucester School Board members Carlton Drew and Darren Post for their refusal to sign the School Board Code of Ethics. Both had previously signed in 2022 without objection. The board majority determined that until these individuals signed the 2023 code they would not be eligible for committee assignments where confidential information was discussed.

At the board’s Feb. 14 meeting, the subject was again raised by Messrs. Post and Drew. Mr. Drew stated, on the record, that he had spoken with an attorney and that the attorney had advised him the code was illegal. He provided no written letter from the attorney, nor did he have the attorney present at the meeting. Mr. Drew declaimed, “I will abide by it [the code] when it has been reviewed and approved by the school board lawyer and he says it is legal.” Mr. Drew concluded by collecting his papers, slamming his briefcase closed and leaving the meeting shouting...

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