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Letter: Lessons learned from the tragedy in Tucson

Lessons learned from the tragedy in Tucson

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Out of the ashes of the Tucson tragedy has arisen a view of the positive nature of people. We saw ordinary folks rise to the occasion to help their fellow human beings, often disregarding their own safety. In this horrific incident, there was Dan Hernandez helping to quell the blood from the gunshot wound of Congresswoman Giffords as bullets flew around him, Dorwan Stoddard shielding his wife’s body as he took a bullet that killed him but saved her, or Patricia Maisch knocking the gun clip out of Loughner’s gun. Remarkable! Often, it seems, this scene plays itself out when people are confronted by evil.

It is unfortunate that we often hear about the greatness of people through these tragedies, but look within our own communities of the numerous volunteers who each day freely do something for the betterment of their human beings (e.g., all those volunteer fire and rescue squad people). Churchill said...

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