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Letter: Left meeting with more questions than answers

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I left the Mathews County School Board meeting Thursday with more questions than answers. First, I was surprised there was no Pledge of Allegiance. Then Mr. Priest asked for additions and deletions. Dr. Thompson asked for two additions: addition one, to have a referendum on the November ballot to change the name of Lee-Jackson Elementary School and two, to vote to change the name of Lee-Jackson Elementary School.

At this point, Mr. Priest began discussing the pros and cons for the two items. He kept referencing that “he” would allow item one to be added to the agenda, but not item two. Per school board policy, this is not his decision to make; it calls for a vote. It became so confusing that I got the impression the members were not sure what they were voting for.

I must point out that Mr. Priest continually used the first person singular pronoun “I” when, in fact, the school board as a whole would be making the decisions.

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