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Letter: Learning to coexist with nature

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Many know me as a poet, but I have other interests besides writing. I am not a member of PETA (which, for those who are not familiar with the organization is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), but I do have compassion for nature.

Being a lifelong resident of Gloucester, I can remember when forests and fields were endless. The woods were a place of mystery that spawned much fascination and curiosity. It was the home of many wild creatures and plant life of vast diverseness. But with the introduction of innovative logging practices or mechanization, much wildlife has become displaced and few in numbers. Animals had little option but to tolerate increasing human presence. It is all too common for one to see the impact of human activity. Fewer forests have resulted in fewer habitats for wildlife. Therefore, wildlife has been forced to adapt to these manmade changes, often resulting in human-wildlife conflict. And not to mention the everyday occurrence ...

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