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Letter: Learning from animals

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have been around the world a few times. Here is what I’ve learned. You can learn a lot from watching animals:

1. Borders. What dog would let another into his back yard without a fight?

2. Language. What country would let its language be diluted? Every time you make a phone call … Press 1 for Spanish. What’s next? Press 2 for Chinese or 3 for German? With all the pushing of numbers, how can you get your call through?

3. Culture. What a shame to let the most beautiful country in the world go down. As Tom Brokaw said in his great book, “How many will want to pay the ultimate price?” Those who return went about their everyday lives saying nothing about it. You know, if you have a brand new car, and you put a teaspoon of water in the gas tank—a little here, a little there—soon your brand new car won’t start.

Think about it, you can learn a lot from animals.

Ernest Bennett
Cobbs Creek, Va. ...

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