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Letter: Language lessons

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When you go to the polls in November, if you vote GOP, start learning Russian now.

As a Navy ROTC college student, I took Russian to fulfill my language requirement. In my Navy career I would serve my nation and wanted to know the language of our enemy.

Later, as a scientist, I used my Russian to follow their progress in my field. When the USSR collapsed, many Russian scientists came to the U.S. I met and worked both with them and in Russia with their colleagues who remained behind.

In retirement I have not needed Russian professionally. Due to poor U.S.-Russian relations, I have been unable to interact with my friends in Russia.

Now, my Russian may again come in handy.

Former President Trump’s avowed affinity for Vladimir Putin may spell the end to decades of American foreign policy and NATO-based security.

If Trump is elected, Ukraine will be lost and absorbed into Russia. A Trump presidency will be a greenlight for Putin to invade Europ...

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