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Letter: Keeping our children safe

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

How can we keep our school children safe?

Have a comprehensive threat assessment of each school by the local law enforcement.

Secure the perimeter of the school. All points of entry must be secure.

A system to control everyone who is going in and out of the school building.

A strong physical security presence and you start that by hiring trained, armed former police officers or trained former military veterans and, in addition to them, allow a few school officials who volunteer in the school to be allowed to carry a concealed firearm.

Conduct active shooter drills every quarter.

Post signs outside of the school stating that there are armed security personnel in the school.

Provide a mental health assessment for any child who exhibits any strong negative anti-social tendencies.

The above policies were implemented by the government in Israel after they had school shootings and, after they put them into effect, all of the school shootings stopped.


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