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Letter: Keep monument there

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Confederate monument should stay even if it is on county-owned land. Citizens should be reminded that the old soldiers that were still living stood on that very spot when the monument was unveiled. Younger citizens should be reminded that slavery had ended after this terrible war, but the struggle for civil rights continues on until present day. They should not forget slavery existed in Bible days; the pyramids were probably built on the backs of slaves, blacks having blacks as slaves, blacks selling to whites, Indians selling Indians to the colonists, whites using blacks as slaves—right up to the Civil War.

Some of the comments in the Readers Write section of last week’s paper were disappointing. We should remember that the boys and men that volunteered or were drafted did so to protect their homeland. What else could they do when Lincoln sent 75,000 men to invade the South? In 1862, males between the ages of 18-35 were obliged to serve for three ye...

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