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Letter: Keep health care choice in hands of ‘We the People’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In response to my letter in the Jan. 13 issue ("Our republic is being dismantled before our eyes"), I have seen two rebuttals. One was in the following issue and one was in today’s (Jan. 27) issue. The two gentlemen have the right to express their opinions as I do. Of course, our president himself admits now that there are flaws in the health care law that need to be changed. He has also said that the Constitution itself is a flawed document. Once again, he has the right to express his opinions in this wonderful republic.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was not the main subject of my letter and is only one symptom of the eroding of our individual rights. But if these gentlemen want to focus on it, let’s have a look. I suggest that instead of consulting (a website of questionable bias), as suggested by the first gentleman, we just examine the law itself. Mr. Hill is correct in saying the law itself does not g...

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