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Letter: Just show it

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

On July 3, my wife and I took a leisurely drive through parts of three counties—Gloucester, Middlesex and Mathews. During that drive, we passed at least 200-400 homes, probably more.

Since it was the day just before Independence Day, we started looking to see how many American flags were on display. We counted maybe a total of 20 flags on display, which was very disappointing to us.

How could our citizens show so little regard for our flag on a day just prior to one of the most important holidays in our history—one made to display pride in our country?

It made me wonder … why so little interest? Was it because they had no pride in our country? Was it because they had a great dislike for how the country is being run? Was it because they could not afford to purchase a flag?

I have no idea, but I do know that we have one more opportunity to show our patriotism and that is Armistice Day and Veterans Day, both celebrated on Nov. 11.

Many will thin...

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