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Letter: Just in case

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Just in case anyone is wondering why prices seem to be increasing, inflation continues to be a problem and a rather tricky one at that. Is it because the economy, in spite of the laudatory gains cited by the current powers that be, is vulnerable to increasing interest rates? The ability of the Federal Reserve to counter inflation by raising interest rates is severely hampered by the current high levels of debt, both government and public.

Meanwhile, the reporting of government statistics appears to be misleading. The great danger in under-reporting inflation levels is, by the time inflation is recognized as a problem, the economy will likely be entering hyperinflation. Unfortunately, the economic statistics published by the government have been manipulated to create a perception favorable to the agenda of the powers that be.

The government, the media and Wall Street have a vested interest in promoting consumer confidence. Does anyone recall the many assuranc...

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