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Letter: Judge Obama by his results

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

An interesting title to a letter to the editor recently—something to the effect of "judge Obama from the results," which I believe most fair-minded Americans will do: A horrendous $5 trillion deficit left over from Bush’s eight years turned into $16 trillion in only three years. It would take a genius to waste this much money.

Appointing several far-left liberals, many of which, like Van Jones, who is an avowed communist, as Tsars without Congressional approval. Failure to take any lead in Congress to make certain important legislation gets passed and denying imperfect legislation such as the deeply flawed health care bill. The result of letting Harry Reid ram this legislation while using every trick known to tie up every one of the scores of Republican bills actually designed to put people to work.

Obama stopped the drilling in the Gulf while financing Brazil to drill off their coast, which results in an increased deficit while de...

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