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Letter: Johnson for president

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

If we take a serious look back at the years since the 1930s (we could go back much further, say, to 1861), we see failed social, fiscal, domestic, and foreign policies that all have been orchestrated by leaders of the Republican and Democrat parties.

Some examples include: Nearly all of Franklin Roosevelt’s policies; Truman’s Korean War; Kennedy’s Vietnam War; Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society legislation; Nixon’s visit to China; Carter’s Department of Education; George H.W. Bush’s Gulf Wars; Clinton’s NAFTA and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; George W. Bush’s War on Terror, Patriot Act, and No Child Left Behind; and nearly everything by Obama.

The definitions of insanity and a fool are the same: “Doing the same thing repeatedly, and each time expecting different results.” We’ve all been fools for too many years.

In the spirit of protest, we have an opportunity to vote against the machi...

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