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Letter: Job well done

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This past Thursday, I awoke to find a big dead deer in my front yard, just barely off the road. I called my son, who agreed to make some calls for me. He called several numbers with no luck, but was given an 800 number to call. He was told “If it’s in your mom’s yard, it’s probably her responsibility.” He was unable to take care of the deer immediately because of a prior commitment, but told me he’d do it later that afternoon.

In the meantime, the vultures came—20 to 25 or more. Feeling sick to my stomach and frustrated, I picked up the phone and called a county number and got no answer. I called again a bit later and got a very distant and not-clear-sounding voice that seemed to say “We don’t do that.” I next called the county administrator’s listed number only to get a recording advising me to push any number of buttons. I finally reached another desk in the administration office, only to get another recording.

The vultures kept coming. I kept fumin...

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