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Letter: It’s up to parents to protect our children

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Some members of our Gloucester School Board should be ashamed and replaced for their decision to teach Kindergarten through 12th graders Woke and CRT. Of course, they adamantly deny this. They belong to the teachers’ union, which not only promotes, but demands this ideology be taught in our schools. They hold some teachers hostage, who are against these teachings, with harassment and threats to the detriment of losing their jobs.

I not only applaud, but am thankful for the courage Mr. Post has shown to reveal these facts to the public. If you have not seen his videos on Google or Facebook, I suggest you do so. He has suffered, not only verbally, but with threats of removal from this board. Those who support Mr. Post should attend some school board meetings. Also, Mr. Post did not sign the Code of Ethics for a very legitimate reason. The last sentence, he believes, violates the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. He suggested to the board that the county...

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