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Letter: It’s surprising that they are surprised

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The last flurry of Republican primaries again resulted in another resounding win for The Donald, even after almost every Republican luminary spent the last week speaking against him. Despite the long-held recognition that “The Public” is fed up with the career politicians’ self-serving ineptitude, these same Pols are surprised that this same disillusioned electorate doesn’t seem to heed their pompous platitudes.

It rather seems that, each time one does blow off, it drives another group of voters into Mr. Trump’s camp. And I do believe Mr. Trump in saying that his anti-establishment approach is finding favor with many Democrats. Rather than the old saw, it seems that one can really get in trouble underestimating the intelligence of the average guy; and the average guy is responding accordingly.

John Sweeney

Cobbs Creek, Va. ...

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