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Letter: Island Seafood owner responds to concerns

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am the owner of Island Seafood that has submitted an application to VMRC for 5.5 acres of floating cages to support our oyster aquaculture plans on Gwynn’s Island. I don’t mind people opposing our venture. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

However, I do mind people opposing our plan based on incorrect information and, in turn, purposefully spreading that misinformation. These are some of the objections I’ve heard, and why they are incorrect:

1. Issue: Obstruction of the waters. Response: The map the people are objecting drew covers 3-4 times more area than the project will use.

2. Issue: Condo owners will not be able to use their dock. Response: Our application shows this is not the case. All pertinent government agencies make sure that access is not impeded for anyone. The fake map going around has everyone stirred up over a problem that does not exist.

3. Issue: Oyster tumbling machines will create noise pollution. Response: ...

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