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Letter: Is timber activity a harbinger of Agenda 21?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have noticed that the Port Haywood area of Mathews County is experiencing unusual activity in regards to tree harvesting, I am curious … What do the timber companies know?

Could the plethora of ever-changing, regulatory morass of Agenda 21 and its impact upon non-tidal wetlands have any bearing upon the harvesting of trees, specifically, the loblolly pine? With the threat of sustainable development, Agenda 21, hanging over Mathews County, could the recent flurry of tree harvesting be a consequence of this regulatory nightmare?

For those woodland owners in Gloucester County who desire to clear brush from their property and are now required to obtain a permit and pay a fee for the privilege of clearing unwanted brush from forested land, just how will the implementation of sustainable development impact the timber industry and those who own woodlands?

Perhaps that question should be posted to our erstwhile supervisors and planning commission.


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