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Letter: Is he living up to his oath?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Trump took the oath, as president, to protect and defend the Constitution and to protect and defend our country. Is he living up to that oath?

In Helsinki, before the private meeting between Trump and Putin, Putin looked confident and prepared and Trump looked like someone who was going to get a talking-to.

When Trump and Putin came out of that two-hour meeting, Putin was looking very pleased with himself. Trump looked like he had been put in his place. We all saw it, as did the whole world.

And surely the Russians taped that private meeting. 

Trump looked weak and submissive under Putin’s smirky, soulless stare. When questions were asked of both Trump and Putin, we heard how they answered, as did the whole world.

Trump entertained the idea of sending a former U.S. ambassador and people from our Justice Department to Russia for questioning. The fact that he was considering, for several days, sending American citizens to a foreign adversary for ...

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