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Letter: Invading privacy for political gain

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It is now becoming more clear that the Democrats used surveillance data collected by the NSA and FBI for political purposes. FISA court Judge Collyer is referring to this as a serious Fourth Amendment issue and questions the candor of the NSA. It is telling that James Comey wants to testify in a closed session on this subject.

This was a betrayal of the American people by the Obama administration. The Fourth Amendment provides for the safety of our homes, our papers and our communications … all our communications. We as a nation of free individuals cannot allow our freedom of expression and thought to be subject to government blackmail and intrusion.

How far into our lives this invasion of privacy will extend in the future will only be limited by how hard the American people fight to demand justice. Justice, in this case, means the indictment and imprisoning of those officials abusing FISA court data for political gain.

National security can be achie...

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