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Letter: Insensitive comments

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I would like to share details as a follow-up to comments that occurred near the conclusion of the joint meeting between the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors and the Gloucester School Board held on Oct. 20.

Specifically, Mr. Winebarger stated to our Superintendent, Dr. Clemons, that he (Mr. Winebarger) had received multiple phone calls from parents and he wanted Dr. Clemons to tell him yes, no or maybe so, saying that they (the parents) heard that Gloucester is going to start requiring a class in Black History in order to graduate and that GCPS is going to start teaching history based on 1619 rather than 1609.

Mr. Winebarger then had the audacity to say to Dr. Clemons and, I quote, “Tell me it ain’t so.” This was subsequently followed by comments from Mr. Bazzani who stated that there is a difference in teaching history from 1609 as opposed to 1619.

Mr. Bazzani also inquired if teaching history from 1619 would be a part of the course and state...

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