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Letter: In support of the solar proposal

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am writing in support of the proposed solar energy project on Route 14 in Gloucester. Here are some of the reasons.

Last year, I took a trip with a motorcycle-riding buddy of mine. He is a mechanical engineer who works for another national solar company. I went with him on an inspection tour of 15 new installations between Maryland and the Canadian border. It was an eye-opening experience.

The facilities were quiet, beautifully landscaped and well maintained. Something that has surprised me was how bird-friendly these facilities can be. The Audubon Society has written about how the areas under and around the panels can be planted for pollinators and nesting birds.

I know there are concerns about visual impacts, but the current zoning would allow a wide range of commercial and industrial agricultural uses that would impact the view even more. From what I’ve read, extensive landscaping for the project will go even further to address the issue.

I hope...

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