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Letter: In favor of a Constitutional convention

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Is a Constitutional convention a good idea or a bad one? Jefferson thought it was good and should be done on a regular basis; part of the “not cast in stone” mantra I mention so often. As our world changes, we must adapt or become part of history. The founders could not conceive nor plan for the world of today—much more complex and diverse than theirs—so they planted the seed that could grow and adapt. Take the First Amendment, for example.

In their world where thought was stifled, communication was written or oral, seldom reaching more than a few hundred. Today, what passes for news cycles every 12 minutes, cell phones and the web create instant information, and a list of religions could fill its own page. Protests and marches can be organized nationally in a few keystrokes. Two very different worlds; I think you would agree. These are very powerful rights necessary to our republic, but also powerful weapons in the hands of an anarchi...

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