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Letter: Ignore warnings at your own peril

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There is none so blind as he who will not see, nor so deaf as he who would not hear. I am often amazed at the naivety of those who seem to believe that if they refuse to look at the facts, which are there for all to see, nothing can hurt them.

Never mind the state of our economy. Never mind the immense total of unemployed who must support their families by accepting tax-funded government checks. Never mind the rising prices of groceries and gasoline. Never mind the housing market.

Never mind that our Constitutional rights and freedoms are challenged each and every day by bureaucracies and appointed government agencies. Never mind that small businesses are burdened by multiple regulations passed out by said bureaucracies and agencies. Don’t look or listen and all will be well. I’m not so sure. My husband, a survivor of Nazi captivity, says the people of America remind him of the German populace who refused to face the danger around them until...

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