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Letter: If you’re the best candidate, why withdraw?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am writing in response to the announcement and subsequent withdrawal for candidacy of the position of Commonwealth’s Attorney for Mathews County of Mr. Jack White. Having a law degree, having past experience as a prosecutor for a federal attorney and serving as a law clerk for a district judge, though commendable, do not mean that he has any experience in criminal court, especially in Mathews County. Mr. White cites his expertise in environmental law as long ago as 1990 as further evidence of his suitability for becoming our Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Then, on Sept. 15, he withdrew his candidacy for the position stating that it is his "steadfast belief" that he is the best person qualified to fill the office. He does not dare "split the vote" and throws the safety of the residents of Mathews County under the bus in order to avoid that outcome. If he is the very best candidate for the position, why on earth would he risk hav...

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