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Letter: If your child was next, would you support it?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There are many elements that lead to gun violence including inadequately funded education and mental health services, people overlooking warning signs, personal responsibility, lack of sensible gun laws and many factors specific to each individual crime. We have opportunities to learn from these tragedies and reduce their occurrence, but the majority of our lawmakers refuse to support such policies.

There is no ONE root cause, as I’ve heard Congressman Wittman, among others, suggest. If the belief that criminals don’t abide by laws thereby rendering gun control useless was applicable then there would be no point in any laws. Or the wall for that matter. (Do any proponents truly believe it will stop EVERY person from entering this country illegally? No, but they’re happy to spend 116+ billion taxpayer dollars to stop as many as they can).

The fact is everyone can do everything right and bad things will still happen, but that doesn’t me...

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