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Letter: Ideas wouldn’t stand up to scientific peer review

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I thank Mr. King for pointing out that Dr. Battig of the Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment (SEEE) has a degree in electrical engineering, as well as his being a MD (Readers Write, Dec. 15). In fact, Dr. Battig is an alumnus of the same venerable institution, Tulane University, where I received my master’s degree. His degrees, however, make him about as qualified to lecture on climate change as my degree in studio art does. As for Mr. King’s defense of Dr. Singer, I can only respond by saying that if I were a graduate student today, who was serious about modern climate science, I would not choose him as my major advisor.

Mr. King failed to address the affiliation of SEEE with ExxonMobil. No serious scientist or engineer (or artist, for that matter) who wanted to remain objective would associate himself or herself with SEEE. Nor does it help their credibility when they are frequent speakers at Tea Party and "Agenda 21"...

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