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Letter: Hypocrisy in American politics

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Governor McDonnell of Virginia has served, is serving, the commonwealth during his term with skill, humility and dignity. As occurs in the world of politics, there will forever be those who are unable to find real issues to damage someone, and they then resort to what I would call "dumpster diving," scratching around for anything to use as a smear.

So far, there have been zero laws broken by our governor, yet the news is full of comments and articles telling us about the appearance of impropriety, which is a term that came from our Bible. Has there been any politician that we could say never faced this? Not in America’s history nor any other nation, but as a Republican, the governor is a target, right along with our attorney general, and all the attention to their "imperfections" is stunning—not because they are illegal, but because they pale when compared with the facts of wrongdoing by many of the politicians who are trying for their jobs!


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