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Letter: Hurricane Trump

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Think of President Putin, I mean Bannon, sorry, I meant Trump. Think of President Donald Trump and his administration like a hurricane. We all know what a hurricane is and what it can do.

A hurricane is a big storm that blows in and it can do maximum damage in a short time, leaving all in its wake in misery. Then the cleanup, repair and rebuilding can take years and cost millions of dollars. That’s what this administration can do to our country.

Also, it was unfortunate for America and not wise for President Trump to pull us out of the Paris Climate Accord. That puts us in a league with Syria and Nicaragua. Unbelievable. It clears the way for China to pick up where we left off. Our position as a world leader is shrinking by the day. That will be economically hazardous for America. 

Perhaps if our water becomes too dangerous to drink and our air too foul to breathe, President Trump can wave a magic wand and heal it all. Or perhaps he has another p...

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