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Letter: Hunters vote

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As all of you should already know, we have an election coming up. This could very well be our last chance to rid our county of liberal members on our board of supervisors. These guys move into our county and the first thing they try to do is get involved in county politics. Their goal is to turn Mathews County into a little Fairfax.

They think they are smarter than we are and, therefore, know what’s best for us. That’s the way they think. We know we have the votes to overturn them; we prove it in every state and national election, outvoting them by a margin of three to one. Another thing to remember is that our beloved Confederate monument will be on the ballot this time around. Do we keep it, or allow them to tear it down?

Today, I’m reaching out to my fellow hunters. We have five hunt clubs in Mathews County and know for a fact that the majority of the members are conservative. We need to take notice and get off our butts and go out and vote. Think ...

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