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Letter: Hunters should stay in the woods

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


Now that the deer hunting season is over, Onemo will be its quiet, peaceful self again. No trucks turning our narrow roads into racetracks. No squalling pack of dogs pursuing animals, wild or otherwise, through our yards. No young men standing atop dog boxes on vehicles parked in or on the road, with shotguns poised to take down whatever breaks cover. No jarring sounds of gunfire stirring our geese and smaller birds into flight or causing human hearts to miss a beat. No more uncontrollable rage that this writer experiences when she sees hunters behaving stupidly.


My most humble and heartfelt apologies to the foxhunters I verbally assaulted and falsely accused of being deer hunters the other day. I painted you with a broad brush you didn’t deserve and for that, I am ashamed. If I could tell you in person, there would be no reason for this letter. I behaved badly and I’m sorry. But I make no apology for my uncontrolled anger an...

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