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Letter: Hunters, check your surroundings

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

On Saturday, Nov. 2 around 8:15 a.m. in the Onemo area of Mathews County, a large caliber bullet went through my living room—entering a front window and exiting a side window. My daughter and granddaughter were in the next room—it was my daughter’s wedding day.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. The bullet entered high on the front window and no one was in the room. It could, however, easily been a tragic event.

The incident has been reported to the Mathews County Sheriff’s Office. The deputy who is looking into the event believes it was a hunter who was shooting too close to our home. We will probably never know who discharged their gun that morning.

Finding him or her is not the thrust of this letter. I am pleading with all who hunt to be aware of how far your bullets travel and where they end up—possibly in a home or a person.

Hunters, please make yourselves aware of your surroundings before pulling the trigger.

Arlene Connelly

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