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Letter: Humans contribute to climate change

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Is human-fostered climate change for real? Because of it, will our progeny suffer from heat, drought, violent weather, fires, food shortage, water shortage etc.? If that is possible, why aren’t we taking steps to protect our future? Is it political? Is it the influence of the fossil fuel industries protecting their profits?

A friend of mine tried to convince me that the research support for human-fostered climate change is not science. “It is ‘politicians’ fostering misinformation,” he says. But I ask, how can that happen across many countries worldwide and in the U.S. where human-fostered climate science is denied by a whole political party? A letter to the editor blames the “elites” that will make a lot of money out hyping it and who pay scientists to espouse it or fire them, if they do not. Can that be? Some say it is just a natural historic climate cycle? 

If any of these opinions are true, where is the evid...

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