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Letter: How it began

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It took years of quarreling, reasoning, compromising (this, the most difficult of all), but finally they found common ground and they prayed. Yes, they really did. And now I pray that one day soon, the people we put in Congress will open their eyes and follow the path taken by our Founders.

We put the people in office, and therefore we carry that responsibility along with them, but we must pay attention no matter how minor the issue may appear to be. If you don’t bother to vote, then you are blind to all those who have either died or been damaged fighting to keep your right to do so.

If you only vote for the person that promises more “gifts” paid by someone else, then you are just as blind as the person who doesn’t vote. There is a better and wiser way, but it requires each of us to educate ourselves before we go to the voting booth.

All of America benefits when we elect leaders we know will respect and follow our laws, and the path ...

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