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Letter: Hopeful for change

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I do not hate or even dislike President Obama. To me, he is an attractive, charismatic, ambitious entertainer who has used his attributes to gain the highest office in the land. His rewards will be huge and ongoing. He is neither a fool nor evil, as some would portray him.

I personally feel that he has taken his intelligence and charisma to heights almost unattainable. Good for him, personally. Too bad for us.

In my opinion, he was grossly unqualified to start with and leveraged that to gross incompetence. We, the fools if there are any to be designated as such, reelected him. So, who is the dummy in this scenario?

To my way of thinking, he came in with an agenda—leaning toward socialism, big taxation, punishment for the successful and wealth redistribution. Never mind that he has become very wealthy and will become more so as a very young ex-president. Heck, if I were a decent golfer, I would like to have a golf game and a beer with him.

But, being ...

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